Study MBBS in Abroad

Every year millions of students appear in NEET exam to grab the chance to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor. But due to very limited number of seats in Indian government colleges, only a little fraction succeed in this endeavour. From the entire population of the students that put their hard work and perspiration, a mere 2% get through, due to the limited number of seats available. In spite of their capability and aptitude for the profession, we see a lot of students who move to a paramedical course or end up wasting years trying to repeat the various entrance exams. In other cases, when the pocket permits or as a last resort, parents have to opt for large fee structure of private colleges. If you have appeared in NEET 2022, we invite you to get best career guidance as per your needs and interests.

All MBBS aspirants need not to worry. There are opportunities outside of India which helps create doctors on the basis of their aptitude for the subject rather than the ‘result of a one day competitive exam’ pattern. We at Education World believe that it is only fair to let the student justify their urge to be professional medical practitioners rather than settling for professions that do not let them show the best in them. We are best mbbs abroad consultants providing guidance to our students since last 15 years. There is no need of entrance tests or competitive exams as there are enough seats available. These Doctors can now practice in India in their choice of hospitals or even hospital chains and enjoy the same privileges as the MBBS doctors from India. They may also choose to study further in India or in countries like UK, USA etc.

We offer top colleges to study MBBS in abroad at low cost. If you want to study at low cost and want good quality education, then the best country for studying MBBS is Georgia and Ukraine. Georgia have top colleges to study. MBBS in Georgia and MBBS in Ukraine have seen a rise in prominence and has seen more and more students going there to study. The reason is simple - they are inexpensive and offer very high quality of education making it one of the premier destination for studying MBBS from. Other options for Study MBBS Abroad, where the total cost is low, includes MBBS in Russia and MBBS in China. Indian students have traditionally chosen these two countries but their preferences for studying MBBS from abroad are now changing. MBBS in Philippines and MBBS in Kazakhstan are another alternatives for studying MBBS in Abroad for Indian students.

A very important factor to consider while deciding the country for MBBS in abroad is whether the college you choose is recognition by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The reason is that you can appear for MCI screening test only if the MBBS degree you get is from a college recognised by the MCI.
Contact Education World today if you have any doubt whether the college is recognised by MCI or not.
One of the major doubts that Indian aspirants have in their mind is whether the colleges actually provide good quality of education. The answer is YES! The colleges that we would tell you to take admission for study MBBS in abroad will be recognised by MCI and World Health Organisation (WHO). Not only this, they also have received affiliation for the many local and international bodies such as FAIMER and USMLE etc.

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