Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery


What is the BHMS course?

The full form of BHMS is Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. It is a 5.5-year-long undergraduate-level course for students who are wanting to become homoeopathic doctors. In the BHMS course, the individuals study the homoeopathic medical system, which involves the treatment of patients with high dilutions of homoeopathic medicines mainly in liquid and tablet form to enhance the body’s natural healing capacity. Homoeopathy is practised by trained homoeopaths that are experienced and qualified to advise and prescribe medications as per their diagnosis. 

The Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) course is designed for people who wish to build a career in healing and helping people. This course is perfect for those who are compassionate, empathetic and have good listening skills.

After completion of this course, students become certified homoeopath doctors. After the degree, they are also allowed to use Dr with their name. Nowadays homoeopathy is being preferred by many students wanting to pursue a career in medicine. After BHMS, students can work in both government and private sectors as per their choice. 

What is the duration of the BHMS course?

The duration of the BHMS course is 5 ½ years. These 5.5 years include 4.5 years of theory classes and 1 year of rotatory internship. 

Skills required for being a BHMS doctor:

The student who wants to pursue a BHMS degree should have the following qualities.

  1. The student should have an interest in promoting natural health and homoeopathic medicines.
  2. The student should know how to manage workload and how to explain complex ideas.
  3. He/she should have strong verbal and listening skills.
  4. He/she needs to have a compassionate/ caring approach towards the patients.

Career opportunities after BHMS:

After completing the BHMS degree, graduates can work both in the government and private sectors. A homoeopathic practitioner can work as a medical representative or as a doctor in the private or public sector or if they want to study further, they can do MD or PG Diploma in Homeopathy also. 

Top recruiting areas:

  • Government/private hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Research institutes
  • Medical colleges
  • Consultancies
  • Nursing homes
  • Dispensaries

The graduate can work as

  • Lecturer
  • Consultants
  • Pharmacists
  • Therapists
  • Medical assistants
  • Public health specialists

The BHMS graduates can expect a salary of INR 3 LPA to INR 8-9 LPA.

Duration : 5.5 years

Specialization : Homeopathy

Eligibilty & Entry Requirements

What are the BHMS eligibility criteria?

Students are advised to check the eligibility criteria before planning to go for a BHMS degree. Aspirants willing to pursue a career in BHMS are required to meet the general eligibility criteria concerning the chosen college. 

Here are the general admission requirements for the BHMS course in India.

  1. The student should have completed his/her class 12th examination with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board. The core subjects should be Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB). 
  2. He/she should appear for the NEET examination and clear it. 
  3. Applicants should not be younger than 17 years of age.
  4. Some colleges/institutes also demand that students qualify for the university-level entrance examination. 

Course Syllabus

What are the subjects in the BHMS course?

In all 5 years of BHMS, students get to learn about various subjects related to homoeopathy. The subjects in the BHMS course are mentioned below.

For Year 1:

  1. Organon of medicine and principles of homoeopathic philosophy and psychology
  2. Physiology including Biochemistry
  3. Anatomy, Histology, Embryology
  4. Homoeopathic material medica
  5. Homoeopathic pharmacy
  6. The practice of medicine and homeo therapeutics

For Year 2:

  1. Pathology and microbiology including virology and parasitology bacteriology
  2. Organon of medicine and principles of homoeopathic philosophy
  3. Forensic medicine and toxicology

For Year 3:

  1. The practice of medicine and homeo therapeutics
  2. Organon of medicine
  3. Surgery including ENT, ophthalmology, Dental and homeo therapeutics
  4. Embryology

For Year 4:

  1. Repertory
  2. Community medicine
  3. Microbiology

For Year 5:

  1. Internship

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