Despite the slow curve and delay mode, India is at a higher state of risk spotting its large population density. Surfacing Lockdown is the only viable and applicable solution! In this moment of hypercritical scenario, the education sector has been compounded with the most impact. March to June is considered an examination season in India – where aspiring students witness an atmosphere of competitiveness and excitement.

But as Bob Riley said, “Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during hard times when the hero within us is revealed.”  Taking this saying into cognizance, EduGyanam has crafted a few tips to help students and their parents maintain the sanguineness. Simple guidance can help you get prepared for the next phase of your life while accepting optimistically the current scenario of uncertainty.

Quick guidance to prepare for NEET 2022:

  1. Prepare smartly: With an extended timeline to prepare for upcoming NEET examination, make sure to utilize the preparation period with a smart strategy, rather than covering everything that doesn’t help.
    While it is difficult to study all chapters in depth, it becomes obvious to keep the focus on most important subject: Biology. Use your time strategically to divide your efforts and know which portion to focus on most and which least.
  2. Revise NCERT for Biology: Biology holds the most weightage for NEET examination. NEET almost covers 70 percent of questions in Biology from NCERT book. It becomes essential to revise NCERT and go through the concepts thoroughly which may increase your chance of scoring good in examination. You may use your time to keep small card-like notes that can help you all along to revise most important formulas, concepts and even glossaries.
  3. Previous question papers, question banks and test series: In the scenario of lockdown, it is difficult to stay up-to-date with your friends and mentors. Hence it becomes important to use this time to solve previous year question papers, question banks, and best to join any online test series so you keep your knowledge relevant during this preparation. Many test series amid Lockdown are offering discounts too, which you can avail benefit from.
  4. Increase the chance of scoring by doing well in Chemistry: Chemistry is considered to be one of the most scoring subjects for NEET. NCERT books will help you get along in revising the concepts,
    while practicing numerical from topics like Chemical Kinetics, Equilibrium, Mole Concept, Redox, Electrochemistry, Solid State and Atomic Structure will give you an extra edge.
    Make handy notes for formulas from Physical Chemistry and include topics like Qualitative Analysis, P Block Elements and Metallurgy. Most students often get trapped in topics from Organic Chemistry, a small handy note highlighting all important chemical reactions and includes
    important notes from Grignard’s reagents, Carbonyl Compounds, Hydrocarbons and Bio molecules can help you deal with complexities of Organic Chemistry.
  5. Solve for Physics: Prof. H.C. Verma’s Concept of Physics is one book to go through while revising for Physics, since it keeps the demonstration quite simple and lucid to understand. Physics is all about concepts and numerical, the more your practice, the better your chances of getting
    through it will be. You should try to allot certain hours of your preparation time daily for solving numerical problems from NCERT and H.C. Verma’s Concept of Physics. Topics can be prioritized
    on merit of its importance for NEET — Electrostatics, Mechanics, Optics and Modern Physics.
  6. Vibrational Manifestations: We all know we become what we think. So, in this time, don’t fear. Do not give out those negative vibrations. This is not the phase where you should keep worrying about and think what might happen. During this time, always try to pivot your thoughts to something which is more positive. This is how you will be giving out positive vibrations to the Universe and ultimately you will be helped to keep your pace in this critical but important time.
  7. Meditate: You will find no better time than this to strengthen your inner core. Take out some time during the day and focus on your breathe and build on your meditation practice to bring your peace and hope. Meditation will help you in keeping your mental balance right while you prepare for the next phase of your life: NEET 2022.

Make sure to revise your subjects well, chart out the strategy as listed here, make your own too! Take time and refer online courses as well that can help you extend your understanding of important topics and keeps you ahead in this preparation. Online tests, discussions and Q/A session can be an additional booster for you.

EduGyanam prays for your safety and good health! Stay safe, prepare wisely and score well.